Minnesota Stories


Veterans and caregivers using the Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services (VD-HCBS) Program talk about their experiences.




  • Caregiver spouse of a 90+ year old veteran said, "I was able to go out this past week to a fund raiser in town.  I wanted to jump up and down I was so excited."
  • Caregiver spouse of an older veteran said, "Services have been so nice.  It has taken a burden off.  I can now take a few hours for myself and know it is ok."
  • Gus 68-year old veteran wrote, "I thoroughly understand, why people could be reluctant to giving up a program they know works, for something new.  In my situation, the positive gains have been, two fold.  I got a great staff, and everyone lives close by.  I never missed a day of service, last winter [2010-2011], don't think any future winters could be worse.  Plus you get more service for your money.... I highly recommend this program to anyone.  Works perfect for me."


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