How Does it Work?


  • You decide what help you want to live in the community and direct your own help.
  • A case manager conducts an assessment which determines your eligibility and service amount. 
  • You decide how to spend the amount allowed for services and who to hire.
  • The case manager helps you make a spending plan and hire workers.
  • A fiscal support entity provider helps you with the details of employing workers and makes payments on your behalf.  
  • The VA Community Health Nurse works closely with the case manager and helps you obtain other VA benefits you may need.
  • The fiscal support entity provider keeps track of your spending.
  • You decide if your workers are doing their job as you like it.
  • You and your case manager revise your spending plan if needed.

For more information  and to get assistance connecting with this program, contact:  

Sioux Falls VA Health Care System
2501 W. 22nd Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57117
1-800-316-8387 Ext: 6354


MN River Area Agency on Aging®, Inc.
10 Civic Center Plaza
Mankato, MN 56001