Self-Directed Service Options & Resources

General Information

Under this model, people have more flexibility, choice, control, and responsibility over the care and support they buy and receive.  Participants employ self-selected, familiar workers (e.g., family, friends, neighbors)and buy customized supports and goods using an assigned budget amount.  Getting the right type and amount of services when its needed is critical to being able to live longer in the community. And, sometimes, this option is a way to save money.

Minnesota’s self-directed services option follows the national cash and counseling model that supports budget control and service choice by the individual. The infrastructure used for Consumer Directed Community Supports under the Medical Assistance waiver programs can be used across funding streams.

Qualifying veterans in certain geographic areas may also access Veteran-Directed Home and Community Based Services.  This is a self-directed services option where the VA-Medical Center is the payer of services and operational policies and protocols are closely aligned with Minnesota’s Consumer Directed Community Supports option.