Module: You Decide. Your Help.

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You Decide. Your Help.  An Introduction to Self-Directed Services (3-part Tutorial)

Published November 30, 2012


The learner is introduced to self-directed service topics including:  definitions, core concepts, success stories, start-up process, support planning functions, funding sources, key messages and short scripts, practice tips and tools, identifying potential users, success story, and tips from the field. 

  • Part 1: Understanding Self-Directed Services; 
  • Part 2: Putting Self-Directed Services into Action; and
  • Part 3: Talking about Self-Directed Services with others. 

This is a required module for professionals who receive payment from the Minnesota Board on Aging or Minnesota Department of Human Services to provide support planning functions under Title III, State-funded grants, and Veteran Directed Home and Community-Based Services.

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Authors: Jane Vujovich, Project Manager Live Well at Home, Minnesota Dept. of Human Services; Christine Loose, Flex-Pac Consulting Support Planner and Trainer