Description and Outreach

Live Well at HomeSM is an integrated framework of practice for supporting at-risk older adults and their family caregivers with living in the community. Live Well at HomeSM offers a common set of tools, materials, training, and network for proactively helping at-risk persons mitigate risk factors.

Professionals using the model offer risk management planning and support for improving personal risks related to permanent nursing home or assisted living entry.  Older adults and family caregivers are also linked to healthy aging programs, memory care support, falls prevention, caregiver support, and many other services and supports.

Live Well at HomeSM targets lower income and privately paying persons for purposes of delaying or avoiding spending down to Medical Assistance

This model works to preserve individual choice, control, and responsibility for one’s community living needs. Learn more about the background and published article.

Additional Resources for Telling Others About Live Well at HomeSM

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