Caregiver Consultants

The following programs are administered by the Minnesota Board on Aging, Minnesota Department of Human Services, and local Area Agencies on Aging.  

Caregiver Support – Learn more about the specialized services and programs available for family caregivers. Popular support services are:  caregiver consultant services, caregiver education programs such as Powerful Tools for Caregivers, respite services, TCARE® (Tailored Caregiver Assessment and Referral Process) intervention.

MBA Title III-E Caregiver Minimum Assessment is an assessment tool for caregiver consultants. It contains demographic data, addresses the Seven Domains of caregiver assessment, measures caregiver stress/burden and depression, and includes a caregiver plan with goals. It includes the LWAH Rapid Screen©.  This tool was developed by Minnesota state and Area Agency on Aging staff with input from caregiver consultants. The tool was pilot-tested, revised, and reviewed by a neuropsychologist. It is typically done in two parts. The tool uses two validated scales, the Montgomery Burden Scale and the CES-D depression scale.

MNChoices Caregiver Module - a 17-item tool used by certified assessors to identify needs and resources for family caregivers of individuals undergoing Long Term Care Consultation.  Based upon assessed needs, the certified assessor makes referrals to caregiver consultants.  

Memory Care Support – This section offers information for professionals providing support to persons of any age, cultural or ethnic background, or income with memory concerns.  Early and on-going support is critical to families dealing with memory loss issues.  Broaden your memory care skills and learn about the evidence-based Minnesota Family Memory Care service.   


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