Becoming a Live Well at HomeSM Provider

The Live Well at HomeSM provider is instrumental in helping at-risk persons mitigate risk factors. The professional's role is to screen, educate, engage, and guide at-risk older adults and their family caregivers to proven interventions and support.  For more information and techical support contact your local Area Agency on Aging.

Providers must meet the service provider standard. They are competent in dealing with caregiver and memory care support issues, knowledgeable about healthy aging and falls prevention resources and strategies; skilled in person-centered planning and self-directed services; and, able to evaluate outcomes.   

 Complete Recommended Steps While Becoming a Provider

  Read about support services

  Follow all steps to become a screener and register

  Become familiar with the Professional Toolkit and website

  Review the Program Manual and especially Sections 2-7

  Download the mobile app if you are a mobile device user

  Attend at least one Live Well at HomeSM workshop, webinar, video conference, or workshop sponsored by the Minnesota Board on Aging or Area Agency on Aging

  Report data

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