Available caregiver is stressed?

Welcome! You have identified as a Stressed Caregiver.  Stress is very common among family and friends caring for older adults. In fact, over half of all caregivers say they are stressed! Don't let stress get in the way of your goals.  Here are easy ways to reduce stress so you can find balance in your life.    

Lower Risk: Reduce Caregiver Stress  


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Step 1


Know Your Risk step 1 graphic

 Step1-Know Your Risk Know Your Risk



Step 2


Make your choices - Know your risk

 Step 2-Make Your Choices Contact a Caregiver ConsultantMake Your Choices

  • Complete an Action Plan
  • 6 Programs that Help  
  • Get-Help-Now
  • Links to technology that could help

Step 3

Make your choices - Take your actions - Know your risk

 Step3-Take Your Actions Take Your Actions


Step 4


See your results - Make your choices - Take your actions - Know your risk


 Step 4-See Your Results See Your Results

  • Consider other ways to reduce Caregiver Stress, and continue to make changes that help you and the older adult for whom you provide care
  • Repeat these steps trying something new to reduce caregiver stress 

Grab Bag

Grab bag image

 Grab Bag-Additional Resources Additional Resources

Need help with everyday tasks? Had a fall with injuries? No one available to help you? Thinking of moving to get help? Live alone? Memory concerns?