Had a fall with injuries?

Welcome! You identified falls as a risk factor. Falls with injury could cause you to loose your independence. Falls can happen anytime, anyplace, and to anyone.  They are NOT a normal part of aging. Falls can be prevented.      

 Lower Risk: Prevent Falls

Start now with 4 easy steps

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Step 1


Know Your Risk step 1 graphic

 Step 1-Know Your Risk Know Your Risk


Step 2


Make your choices - Know your risk

 Step 2-Make Your Choices Make Your Choices

Step 3

Make your choices - Take your actions - Know your risk

 Step 3-Take Your Actions Take Your Actions


Step 4


See your results - Make your choices - Take your actions - Know your risk


 Step 4-See Your Results See Your Results

  • Keep track of falls.  
  • Look at your results
  • Change your plan and take action as needed to reduce falls  


Grab Bag

Grab bag image

 Grab Bag-Additional Resources Additional Resources



Need help with everyday tasks? No one available to help you? Available caregiver is stressed? Thinking of moving to get help? Live alone? Memory concerns?