Build Your House - Step 2: Make Your Choices

Step 2: Make your choices


Now -- make your choices or make a plan for addressing with your risk factors. 


 Consider the following steps:

    1. Set your goal for living at home. How long do you want to live in your home? If you should need some help, what will you do?
    2. Learn about the private pay costs of long term care services and supports including assisted living and nursing home.
    3. Click on the risk bubbles below to learn more about each risk.
    4. Make a simple plan for reducing your risk factors.  Click on the risk factor below for more information and ideas. 
    5. Calculate your costs using this easy tool.



Seven Risk Factors

Know Your Risk step 1 graphic

Step Two Make Your Choices

Step 2
 Take Your Actions Step 3


Need help with everyday tasks? No one available to help you? Available caregiver is stressed? Thinking of moving to get help? Live alone? Had a fall with injuries? Memory concerns?