Step 1 - About the Quiz

Know Your Risk step 1 graphic

Take the 7-question quiz if you are age 60 years or older and living at home. Either take the quiz on your own, or have someone else help you with it. This is called "quiz for older adults".  If needed, a family member or friend may take the quiz on your behalf. This is called "quiz for family caregivers."  If you are an older adult caring for another person such as a spouse, sibling, parent, etc., remember to take the quiz for yourself.

The quiz is a tool to help you learn about your risks and to review your progress.

The quiz is a validated and copyrighted tool developed in 2007 by the Minnesota Board on Aging with the assistance of the University of Minnesota, Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging, Central Minnesota Council on Aging, and Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging, and other local partners. 

Your answers are not recorded and for your use only.