Watch a video about risks
related to moving from your home. 

Are you an older Minnesotan interested in living at home as long as you can?

Then, Live Well at HomeSM is for you.

Let your goal for community living move you into action. Learn about the risks that could cause you to move from home, and what you can do -today.  

Know your plan and find your way to lifelong community living using these 4  easy steps. These 4 steps will show you how to focus your time, effort, and money on the things that matter most to you. Let’s get started.


 Follow These 4 Simple Steps...

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 STEP 1  - Know your risk

Take the quiz to learn your risks, why they matter, and what you can do.

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7 Risks Factors


Make your choices - Know your risk


 STEP 2 - Make your choices 

Select the supports, services, and products for dealing with
your risk factors.

Make your choices - Take your actions - Know your risk


 STEP 3 - Take your actions

Set up your services and supports and buy any products you need. This is a critical step to staying at home.

See your results - Make your choices - Take your actions - Know your risk



  STEP 4 - See your results

Take the quiz from time to time and see your results. Update your choices as needed.

Contact a Live Well at Home provider if you need help with the four steps.

Available caregiver is stressed? Memory Concerns

Know Your Risk - Step One Step Two - Make Your Choices Step Three - Take Your Actions Step Four - See Your Results
Make Your Choices Know Your Risk Make Your Choices Take Your Actions Know Your Risk Take Your Actions Make Your Choices Know Your Risk See Your Results